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About Us

We're giving pickled products the respect they deserve.

Welcome to the delicious world of everything pickled!

When you combine a passion for pickling with tried and true family recipes the results are nutritious and delicious.

In the last several years we have gone from being a vendor at the local farmers markets to a brick and mortar store in the historic little town of Plymouth, Ma. that we closed on Oct. 1,2023 to build our own commercial kitchen in Pembroke. Here we can make all our products in larger quantity to supply our most treasured customers.

From the moment you entered the smell of pickles was intoxicating. It will brought back childhood memories of Nana's kitchen or a trip to the local country store, like a step back in time.  We designed it to be a unique canning and country store offering everything from the classics, Bread and Butter Pickles, Kosher Dill, Pickled Beets and Dilly Beans to seasonal favorites like Pickled Tomatoes and Watermelon rinds. Offering over 30 canned and preserved products.

When our kitchen is complete we will be opening more stores locally and some not so local :)

Lorraine, Christine and Lynne (Grampa in spirit)

Peace and Pickles


We are excited to announce the opening of our first redesigned smaller store at
                                          42 Mattakeesett St. Pembroke, Ma.
                Join us for the same great products and service you know love.
                                                         Opening day TBA soon
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